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Discover the many benefits of a single stack drainage system with sovent consulting, which we provide throughout the nation. We will be sure to explain how this patented system works, how it is easier to maintain once we install it, and how it can make drainage a more efficient process for your facility, property, or building. We make sure to work with licensed professional contractors, whom we can vet for our clients. Part of our consulting is an initial camera inspection to assist customers in determining their best options.

Roof Service Consultation

Get a better idea of your options with a roof services consultation. Based on your budget and preferences, Bodhi Construction and  Consulting Services will provide our recommendations that will allow your roofrelated work to be completed efficiently and affordably.

Plumbing Consultation

Whether you're coming to us about plumbing repair or looking to update your current system, a consultation can give you the peace of mind you deserve when making such investments. A professional consultation with our team regarding plumbing services has many appealing and cost-effective benefits – regardless of the scope of your project or the extent of your plans. Our experienced team routinely can help clients benefit from having the work planned with the long-term durability of your plumbing system kept in mind. We will be checking on some of the options you may not have considered. Rest assured that all work will be completed as per applicable state/local codes. This then saves time and money by having everything clearly and meticulously planned out before the work is done.

Retaining Walls & Concrete Remodeling

Minimize soil erosion, reduce flooding damage, and restore exterior surfaces by calling on us for work involving retaining walls and concrete remodeling. We repair, restore, and construct all types of retaining walls with aesthetic appeal and durability in mind. With concrete remodeling, we offer equally reliable options that include a complete replacement, repair, and resurfacing.

Proceed with roofing and construction plans with confidence by drawing on our resources, skills, and experience. We are prepared to plan and complete a wide range of roofing and construction work, from minor updates to new installations and builds. Whether you need a traditional shingle roof, a metal roof, a rubber roof, or something more specific to your needs, you are sure to appreciate our roofing services. These are important because efficient, top-quality results can save you time and money.

Remodel Consultation

Take the guesswork and frustration out of your project with a remodel consultation. We will guide you through the process of turning your ideas and project related goals into something achievable and budget-pleasing. We can even help you explore possibilities with a remodel you may not have considered. Feel free to consult us regarding any kitchen and bathroom project or retaining walls and concrete remodeling.



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