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Innovative Solutions with Professional Sovent Consulting

In partnership with certified professional cleaning contractors, Bodhi Construction & Consulting Services is pleased to help you make the most of your innovative Sovent plumbing system. See for yourself how this patented single-stack drainage system can contribute to time and labor savings and give you less to worry about.

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What is the Sovent System?

A Sovent system is a uniquely designed single-stack drainage system. This patented system is appealing because it allows for a more efficient approach to the installation and design of a sanitary plumbing system. It also improves the performance of soil and waste drainage systems in a way that's easier and less costly to modify.

We recommend considering a Sovent plumbing system if you are looking to enhance or supplement a drainage system in a building that's more than five stories tall. It's a drainage system that's often most appropriate for:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Laboratories and similar multi-level facilities where good drainage is essential
  • Larger industrial facilities with more extensive drainage needs
  • High-rise buildings

You may also benefit from the unique plumbing system if you need to lower pneumatic and hydraulic pressure or optimize space. It's also worth considering if you are looking to minimize costs and streamline the drainage system setup.

Importance and Benefits of Sovent Consulting

Consulting for a Sovent system includes all aspects of design and implementation, from the selection of appropriate Sovent fittings to routine maintenance recommendations. This service is important and beneficial since a consultation gives you a chance to better understand how this sustainable drainage system can allow for easier onsite pre-fabrication, save space, and be a smart, long-term investment. The system is also beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It allows for more branch joining possibilities
  • It simplifies domestic wastewater stack designs
  • There is no need for separate back or ventilation vents
  • It is a system that offers reliable performance

Our Range of Services for Sovent Systems

We offer a wide range of customer-specific Sovent services. If you are new to this type of system, start with our professional Sovent consulting service to develop a better understanding of what this system can offer.

Our services also include installation, thorough Sovent cleaning, and routine maintenance. Our experienced team is ready to get to work and leave you fully satisfied with the results and quality of our work.

Why Choose Our Team

Bodhi Construction & Consulting Services is a fully licensed and insured family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience. Whether you are coming to us for a consultation, Sovent system maintenance, or other top-quality services we offer, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our clients all over the country can also benefit from competitive pricing and reliable results.

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